Tavern Tales Family – Episode 6 – The Sixth Round is on us

Every December we set aside the regular Tavern Tales adventures to regale you with the adventures of The Order of the D, a family of Chromatic Dragonborn out for adventure in the world of Faerun. These adventures took place over 2018 from a myriad of places and are compiled here in the amalgamated episodes for you.

This is our last episode of the year and culminates in a wonderful moment at the halfway mark as make a tremendous change in the game and a different family member takes over the DM role and sets us on the path of Wizard of the Coast’s Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Heck, we were there already, seemed kind of apropos.

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While Tavern Tales generic flag is “explicit” there is no explicit content in Tavern Tales Family. If you’re enjoying the Family episodes, let us know on Twitter @tavern_tales. Thanks for listening!

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Thanks for listening, we’ll be back next December with more Order of the D. Stay tuned for next week where we have a special message, and a few special announcements regarding some changes in store for Tavern Tales in 2019.

And, as always, thanks so much for listening.

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