In The Sunless Citadel Paige played Orianna, the tiefling Wild Sorceror.
In Dungeon in a Box Paige played Westrad, the half-elven fighter.
In Forge of Fury Paige played Eldeth Stonehammer, the Dwarven Paladin of Ilmater.
In The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Paige took on the complicated Alabama Johnson, the Aasimar Cleric of Kinich’Aja

In The Rookies, Paige plays The Newborn, Experiment 742 also known as Expay.

Paige also returned as Orianna on Morty’s Devils:

She is an actress, singer and former international model who nowadays specilizes in Mortgage foreclosures.

Paige can be found on Twitter: @next_paige