The first adventure, for levels 1-3 in The Tales From the Yawning Portal, the sunless citadel involves a group of heroes descending into a newly opened chasm in the pursuit of riches and treasure.  Running into skeletons, kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins and more on their way to a final conflict with the dark druid who controls the whole dungeon. This was our first foray into podcasting and is a fun, light, romp of a family of circus folk who all share the same father – The Silverkins.

Tavern Tales – Episode 001

Our first podcast recording from our third game set in the Tales from the Yawning Portal by Wizards of the Coast. The Silverkin Family has left Oakhurst along the old road in the dead of night.  Finding the ravine they have left the confines of civilization to delve into dungeons perhaps best left undelved.  We pick up with a recap of what has come before and lead into entering the Sunless Citadel perhaps never to return.

Tavern Tales – Episode 002

Our second podcast recording from the end of our third game set in the Tales from the Yawning Portal by Wizards of the Coast. Skeletons have animated and attack the party only to lay Torin low, again.  How will this small band of brothers, and sister… and apparently slave, hope to survive the horrors of the Sunless Citadel if simple skeletons are giving them trouble?

Tavern Tales – Episode 003

Canon in D Our third podcast recording from the beginning of the fourth game set in the Tales from the Yawning Portal, by Wizards of the Coast. After defeating yet another giant rat, the family has found an orb playing quiet music. What will they do with it?  Will they dance?

Tavern Tales – Episode 004

A dragon statue, a riddle and a Quasit await the Silverkin Family in this episode as they get closer and closer to the tomb of the Dragon Priest.  But how long will they spend cowering in the doorway after so narrowly avoiding death in the ‘hallway of doom’ before proceeding into what is doubtlessly more sharp and pointy death?

Tavern Tales – Episode 005

The Silverkin family has finally found the sarcophagus of the cursed Dragon Priest and despite every warning and locked door before them they nonetheless proceed to unearth a monster that may very well spell the end of the entire adventure. They worked so well together, and loved each other so much… Will they survive to finally move on from this side adventure and finally delve into the Sunless Citadel proper?

Tavern Tales – Episode 006

With the Cursed Dragon Priest troll finally destroyed our little level 2 family takes a brief respite before continuing on into the lair of kobolds, with a brief foray into a room with a pair of crazed mephits, Vape and Glassy. While Torin takes advantage of a necessary monkish ritual the rest of the group proceeds onwards as we delve further into the Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Tavern Tales – Episode 007

In this episode we delve further into The Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in Wizard’s of the Coast’s Tales from The Yawning Portal, where our adventuring circus family, the Silverkins, have made their way into the domain of the goblins and begin the process of finding the townsfolk, “rescuing” Calcryx the white wyrmling and finding Sydork’s long lost childhood luggage?

Tavern Tales – Episode 008

With Orianna off looking for Torin the remaining three in the party have pushed forward into the territory of the goblins getting themselves into no end of trouble. They’ve explored a now defunct fountain that provided them with an elixir of fire breath and decided to breach the door of a locked, trapped and no doubt dangerous room. And now that they have done so will they manage to survive before their siblings return? Or will Orianna and Torin come back to corpses?

Tavern Tales – Episode 009

With both Orianna and Torin returning to the group we finally find goblins! With more family antics, trapped doors, treasure from the previous game it does take a while to get to those goblins, but I promise, finally! Goblins! Apologies for the audio differential for Torin, we’re still trying to balance Sydney’s audio while she’s away in Boston learning to become an Optometrist.

Tavern Tales – Episode 010

Goblins in the Sunless Citadel! Will Torin have a chance to converse with them or will Sydork and the rest of the party visit death upon them all? Who are the goblins working for? Are they actually working for anyone? These are the continued adventures of the Silverkin Family as we continue on within session 8 in the Sunless Citadel, the first dungeon adventure in Tales From the Yawning Portal.

Tavern Tales – Episode 011

Well, it turns out that the voice in the room beyond does not belong to Calcryx. Now begins an hour long episode with great personal events for the players outside of the game as well as the introduction of a significant NPC, or two. Which NPC proves to be the most significant remains to be seen, but the Silverkin Family proceeds ever further into the Sunless Citadel.

Tavern Tales – Episode 012

The lair of Calcryx, the white wyrmling has been breached, but the tale has once again been interrupted in the telling by the use of yet another story mote. What will happen now with such a large change in the story? We continue to delve ever further into the Sunless Citadel with our dedicated adventurers, the Silverkin Family.

Tavern Tales – Episode 013

Calcryx is dead. There is no corpse, not even an ice sculpture after it was melted by Vape. There isn’t even much of a puddle as the group has put the essence of this ice dragon into their canteens and water flasks. Burdened with all this water and leaving Meepo to his own devices, and mourning, the group moves into the next room in the Goblin’s domain.

Tavern Tales – Episode 014

There’s a fire in Drayden just burning to get out and Erky Timbers feels the same way as the Silverkins delve deeply into the lair of the Goblins and their thriving village within the Sunless Citadel. This is the continuing adventure of the first dungeon in Tales from the Yawning Portal from Wizard’s of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

Tavern Tales – Episode 015

With Yasheria shaking down a goblin for their boots, and Meepo delivering an unexpected gift, our family, now without Sydork, elect to attempt diplomacy after they find the leader of the goblins is a large Hobgoblin with his three hobgoblin attendants holding court in front of a large shaft leading to a lower level.

Tavern Tales – Episode 016

It looks as though the tea has cooled and Grenl gets what she wants as initiative is about to be rolled as the Hobgoblins move to attack the Silverkins. So much for sophisticated Tea on fine bone china.

This is the continued adventure in the Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in the Tales from the Yawning Portal campaign module by Wizard’s of the Coast for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

Tavern Tales – Episode 017

With Grenl firmly in charge of the goblins above, corpses looted and a long rest achieved, our party now looks to the daunting task of descending the shaft. While it’s pretty easy for Yasheria, what they all encounter at the bottom is largely due to Oriana’s wild magic. Thus we enter the final map of The Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in Wizard’s of the Coast’s Tales from the Yawning Portal, a 5e Dungeons and Dragons campaign module.

Tavern Tales – Episode 018

The group shares a chuckle and a short rest following their greasy adventure with skeletons and twig blights, and now find themselves investigating the noises coming from a natural opening into a cavern. Light flickers dimly therein, but who, or what, awaits our stalwart Silverkin adventurers. With such low party numbers will they now be able to finish the adventure?

These are the continuing adventures of the Silverkin Family of adventurers as they delve ever further into the Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in Wizard’s of the Coast’s Tales from the Yawning Portal, a Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition campaign module.

Tavern Tales – Episode 019

Let us slip south in the southern section of the Sunless Citadel where Firesnakes have stolen a shield and our party, all the smaller for the loss of both Torin and Sydork, now walks with a great deal more trepidation. Is it because they’ve grown wiser the further they’ve delved, or because there are gaping two foot wide bottomless holes crisscrossing the floor? With a belly full of Bugbear Stew what awaits our Silverkins around the next corner?

Tavern Tales – Episode 020

It’s now into the morning in session 12 of Tavern Tales after a marathon session lasting over 4 hours…

It seems that Yasheria is well-loved by the smaller folk as Erky and now Gilthrax have declared their love for her, and now she’s handed over her boots of levitating. But we carry on as more goblins awaken from the noise to combat in the laboratory and a quaint conversation in the arboretum as the Silverkins stumble, and bludgeon their way about in the bowels of the Sunless Citadel.

Tavern Tales – Episode 021

It seems that the small folk are infatuated with Yasheria. First it’s Erky Timbers and then a goblin lad has gotten her to give up her boots! With Virrus showing them the way forward will they find the ‘library’ and the ‘stairs’ they were promised would lead to Belak, or was that all smoke and mirrors? And moreover, is this the final episode? Does it all end with a bang and then stillness; or is there more to the story?

Tavern Tales – Episode 022

The Silver and Stapes circus arrived into the town of Oakhurst and while out passing out flyers and getting supplies, the Ringmaster’s 5 children, The Silverkins, discovered adventure not long out of town. Twig Blights, goblins and a mystery in a newly exposed sunken cathedral, the Sunless Citadel, drew them together and inspired them to set out and make a name for themselves.

They bested goblins, kobolds, traps galore and an undying troll. They made promises to Kobold Queens and rescued and then destroyed a baby white dragon. They lost two of their siblings along the way and killed the hobgoblin leader of the Durbuluk tribe after sitting with him to tea. They killed baby fire snakes and helped a Bugbear and his wife move on to greener pastures and towards the prospect of a child. And now, with the thick smoke roiling up into the cavern roof above them they move towards the evil Druid Belak. As one, these remaining three Silverkins, with Erky Timbers the gnome besotted with love for Yasheria, now attempt to solve the mystery at the heart, of the Sunless Citadel.

This concludes the first adventure in the Wizard’s of the Coast’s Fifth Edition Dungeon and Dragon’s Campaign Module “Tales from the Yawning Portal”