Morty’s Devils, a weekly podcast captured from the Season One livestream actual play dungeons and dragons game using episodes from 1970s, 80s and 90s dramatic television as our inspiration for adventure.  Interested in finding out more about Morty’s Devils?  Find us on twitter @taverntalesdm or send an email to

Season 2 began airing soon on August 30th on at 11pm Eastern Time, but ended before it could finish. The second season remains an unfinished product destined for distant future release.

The theme song for Morty’s Devils is Let the Night Fall from Dragonette’s 2016 Royal Blue album.  Interested in their music?  Check them out on itunes or on twitter @dragonette or find them online at  Morty’s Devils is a Tavern Tales Production.

And in Mordenkainen’s words “keep the balance”