Tavern Tales Family – Episode 10 – Elementary Cypher System Science Fair

In August of 2019 the Goulds descended upon Gencon in Indianapolis and on the second night of the convention we gathered again in our hotel room to play, in person, with our good friend Rich.  Rich wrote a wonderful adventure set in the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games and it once again gave the Gould kids, Robin and Wil, an opportunity to explore new systems and new ways to interact.  

Join us for an opportunity to learn how to play in the Cypher system, but stick around for the hilarious characterizations and amazing descriptions these players and our GM Rich unfolds for us all.

Starring: The Gould Family and Rich A. Dresden – @kwiksotic

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Our intro, and outro music is the song, Dragonhearted by Try Hard Ninja. Find out more about Try Hard Ninja on iTunes or on their website, or follow them on twitter @tryhardninja.

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