Happy Holidays From Tavern Tales 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a joyful start to 2020.  Thank you so much for listening this past 2019.  We had an amazing year as a podcast, with some of our biggest milestones to date. In 2019 Tavern Tales Junior ventured out on their own and released bi-weekly for an amazing 26 episodes.  As we closed 2019 we finally caught up to the close of 2018 in the podcast!  So while I am more than pleased to let you know that the campaign came to a well-timed and true conclusion this December, it’s likely that it won’t come out in podcast form until December of 2020. So the true gift of Tavern Tales Junior is ample editing work for dear old dad.

Tavern Tales finished Forge of Fury and began the second installment of the Dungeon in a Box campaign modules “Streets Unseen” and while things end on a cliffhanger for our poor adventuring party, it remains the best downloaded ‘full adventure’ of any Tavern Tales product.  Now we’re into The Lost Shrine of Tamoachan, the third dungeon in Tales from the Yawning Portal and I must say that the players have become very dear and close friends in real life too. 

2019 also saw the release of Morty’s Devils, a separate podcast of crazy shenanigans.  I started streaming regularly on Twitch.tv initially in guest spots on Nerdsmith and Phantom Rollbooth, but then began running my own streamed games culminating in the incredible official Onyx Path streamed game Community Service set in the Trinity Continuum 2.0 system Aberrant.

Thank you so much for your contributions to the patreon Chelsea, Fennec, Jonathan, Marsie, Sarah, Carl, Nathan, Rich, Richard, Colin, Velvet, and Stef.  I only ever ask for a single dollar on the patreon.  Join the group and let me know you’re listening and if we ever get to 50 people, I have pledged to release my birthday Meatgrinders for your listening pleasure. Join the patreon today at patreon.com/tavern_tales.

Tavern Tales, Tavern Tales Junior and Morty’s Devils have all been nominated for multiple podcasting awards this year.  To those that nominated us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The ability to get lost in your imagination with a group of friends is something I’ve sought after for over 20 years now, and for the last two years I’ve managed to capture it, for the most part in audio form.  I look forward to my Sunday afternoons with the junior crew, my Sunday evenings with my adult friends and the occasional opportunity to stream on Twitch.  Podcasting and ttrpgs have brought so much joy and happiness to my life.

So from all of us at Tavern Tales, to all of you listening, here’s to another phenomenal year of audio.  To another 100,000 downloads.  To another 100 episodes.  To health, happiness and good audio.

And now for some letters home from some very silly characters…

From my family to yours, this is Kyle from Tavern Tales saying for the last time this year… Thanks for listening.

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