The Daleland Incursion – Part 2

One of Glasya’s generals, Draco, has been spotted in the Dalelands.  Morty’s Devils have been sent to see what they can do about Draco and determine his intentions in this quiet and unassuming heartland.


@ftmshepard as Renegade September the brawny tiefling Barbarian/Walock

@katiequixotic as Prosperine the sea green entertainer tiefling Monk

@dndnpaige as Crevari the intellectual researcher tiefling wizard

And as always

@taverntalesdm as the Dungeon Master

This episode is a parody of the 1995 episode of Xena: Warrior Princess written by Rob Tappert entitled “Sins of the Past” revised and re-imagined for Dungeons and Dragons 5e by Kyle Gould

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