Tavern Tales Junior – Episode 9 – Sad stories, mimics and birthdays

This is episode 9 of our monthly released Tavern Tales Junior, a dnd liveplay podcast starring kids, for kids.

The DM challenged every player to do some homework and come up with a something sad that happened to their character and share that at the start of this episode. This is also a special episode as it was recorded on the day of one of the player’s birthdays, so he had something special happen at the end of this episode. For the meat of the episode though, our intrepid adventurers killed a mimic and debated the finer points of stealing everything in the Gouldwick Manor.

A point of interest though. The highlight of my gaming and dungeon mastering life happened at the end of this episode. It was one of the most poignant and powerful things to roleplay through. I’m glad I’ll have this forever in recorded form.

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While Tavern Tales generic flag is “explicit” there is no explicit content in Tavern Tales Junior. If you’re enjoying the Junior episodes, let us know on Twitter @tavern_tales. Thanks for listening!

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