Tavern Tales Junior – Episode 16 – To Lose that Which You Love the Most

This is episode 16 of our monthly released Tavern Tales Junior, a dnd liveplay podcast starring kids, for kids.

Politics galore as the PCs try to determine who is telling the truth, Lucie the ‘on-the-outs’ Tabaxi, or Sergeant Rose of the Lords Own of Tangieca. And while the gang tries to figure all of that out they learn more about The Great Race of Dinosaurs through the streets of Tanjieca that is supposedly happening very soon.

I thank my players every day for sitting down at the table with me and letting me tell them a story. Thanks to you, for listening along with us.

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While Tavern Tales generic flag is “explicit” there is no explicit content in Tavern Tales Junior. If you’re enjoying the Junior episodes, let us know on Twitter @tavern_tales. Thanks for listening!

Thanks as well to the Okee Dokee Brothers for our intro and outro music. Find their music on iTunes or check them out at www.okeedokee.org or follow them on twitter: @okeedokeebros

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