A Modest Proposal

This is episode 13 of our monthly released Tavern Tales Junior, a dnd liveplay podcast starring kids, for kids.

Ch’ari has finally confronted K’ryc and the rest of the Lord’s Own. Will it end in bloodshed? Will they rekindle their old love? And will this be the last game in Menzoberranzan? So many questions. So much hilarity, but also honesty in this episode. This was one of the hardest recording sessions for Tavern Tales Junior. These players were put through situations they were very uncomfortable being in, and it took a lot of patience, and podcast editing, to get this finished version for you. Thank you to Alex for sticking with it and when feeling like he had no options taking the time to talk through his feelings and work with me to create a scenario he felt comfortable going forward with.

With roleplaying you get to experience these sorts of difficult dilemmas in a controlled and safe environment. In Tavern Tales Junior we don’t use an x-card. We use a “throw both hands in the air” as our way of stopping the game and asking for a moment (maybe just to use the bathroom or) to get a handle on the situation, ask for help or talk about the challenge we’re facing. I put my hands up in the air almost as often as they do. It’s best to lead by example.

I thank my players every day for sitting down at the table with me and letting me tell them a story. Thanks to you, for listening along with us.

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