Tavern Tales Junior – Episode 11 – Volpina joins the action

This is episode 11 of our monthly released Tavern Tales Junior, a dnd liveplay podcast starring kids, for kids.

It’s a fight in the Gouldwick Foyer! Guards and staircases and shattered glass displays as Volpina, the red-furred Tabaxi joins the fray.

Twitter: @tavern_tales

While Tavern Tales generic flag is “explicit” there is no explicit content in Tavern Tales Junior. If you’re enjoying the Junior episodes, let us know on Twitter @tavern_tales. Thanks for listening!

Thanks as well to the Okee Dokee Brothers for our intro and outro music. Find their music on iTunes or check them out at www.okeedokee.org or follow them on twitter: @okeedokeebros

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