Tavern Tales Family – Episode 9 – Chimera – One-Shot with Ryan Boelter

Every December we put aside our regular programming for our Family game. But this December we won’t present any Order of the D. This week our dear friend, Ryan Boelter takes us through his forthcoming game Chimera which will launch this coming 2020.

Chimera is a Powered by the Apocalypse style game and as such the character building and world construction all happen as a group endeavor.

Now that this part of the world building and character creation are done, let’s jump into the world itself in a one-shot we recorded and present to you in it’s complete form.

Come join R0-OK, Lily, Marabelle and Keanu as we strive to rescue our friend Percy from the depredations of Possessed.IO.

Starring: The Gould Family

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Our intro, and outro music is the song, Dragonhearted by Try Hard Ninja. Find out more about Try Hard Ninja on iTunes or on their website, or follow them on twitter @tryhardninja.

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