In The Closet

This is the 62nd episode of Tavern Tales Junior and took place in November of 2019. This is also the final episode that Alex and Kaitlyn were able to take part in as they had a lot of exams and schoolwork leading into the December break in elementary school and Junior High. It’s hard to believe that they both were part of this amazing story for over two years for Alex and close to two years for Kaitlyn. Their presence at the table did not continue past this game and so I thank them both, specifically and wholeheartedly for the joyful content they helped create in flushing out and performing as K’ryc T’ufr, the drow rogue thief and Volpina, the red tabaxi beast master ranger. I hope that their adventures at their next table is just as memorable as this was.

I thank my players every day for sitting down at the table with me and letting me tell them a story. Thanks to you, too, for listening along with us.

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