Happy Holidays 2021

It is very hard to believe that yet another pandemic year has come and gone. I hope that you’re all out there safe, warm, and with a full battery on your phones. Masks has been a delightful change of pace for us this year and I’m overjoyed to let you know that it will continue on for the next 6 months or so before we move on to something else. Furthermore you’re going to get a lot of Humblewood from the Junior crew so I hope you’re enjoying that storyline through and through.

I am pleased to present your holiday special this year, a party at the Rookies base, followed by a holiday charity event from your humblewood heroes.

Starring: Aaron Infusino, Paige Fossheim, Chelsea Friesen, Allison Fernandes, Marie-Claire Gould, and Kyle Gould

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Happy holidays and we’ll see you all in 2022.

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