All Expenses Vacation – Part 2

Morty’s Devils have been working extremely hard and have been told to go on vacation! The resort island of Risa awaits, but so too does espionage and adventure.


@OGBRownSugar as Apollyon the armor encased tiefling Barbarian/Fighter

@colinitlikeisee as Molkir the overworked tiefling warlock

@ftmshepard as Renegade September the brawny tiefling Barbarian/Walock

And as always

@taverntalesdm as the Dungeon Master

This episode is a parody of the 1990 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation “Captain’s Holiday” by Ira Stephen Behr revised and re-imagined for Dungeons and Dragons by Kyle Gould

Find out more at Our theme song is Let the Night Fall by Dragonette.  You can find this song and Dragonette’s discology on iTunes, or follow them on twitter @dragonette

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