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Name DateText
Kyle10-Jan-19Decided to finish editing a short scene I was inspired to write about a character I played last year.
Nathan13-Jan-19Joined a second podcast and recorded first session tonight. I’m really excited for it’s release.
Sarah Jordan14-Jan-19I’m appreciating all rulesets with properly indexed and bookmarked PDFs right about now.
Sarah Rhea Werner15-Jan-19It’s been a while since I’ve shared any art for my character. This is my first attempt at a character I’ll be playing in the near future.
Tessa16-Jan-19I’ve joined @TheGuildcast podcast #HeroesofCypher. I’m really excited. Here is the first episode.
Kyle16-Jan-19You need to get your act together @jiffylube
Nemoy19-Jan-19Looking forward to this. I loved this game as a kid (link to Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego)
Gnome20-Jan-19Watching Lifeforce after receiving a recommendation. Time to find out what I got myself into.
Megan20-Jan-19dot dot dot
Richard24-Jan-19It took seven years for me to find this post and I’m glad I did. (link)
Senda26-Jan-19By back of my mind, I mean I have them stat’d out, crafted a loose background, thought out how they would meet and worrying about all the likely ways I’ll embarrass myself in this imaginary secnario.
Mathias29-Jan-19This was the break room white board this week. I felt like it needed to be shared.
Veronica29-Jan-19I just backed Awakened – NPCs and Companions for 5e on @Kickstarter (link)
Bianca29-Jan-19Important message. RPGs aren’t movies. Players, don’t sit back and wait for the DM to entertain you. Take a vested interest in making the experience engaging for everyone.
Staci01-Feb-19Just looked at my blood pressure meds and realized @cvspharmacy put the wrong dosage (possibly the wrong pills) in when filling my prescription Colon Open Bracket
Paige Ford02-Feb-19These days if I run fantasy it is going to be an urban setting. The social aspect of adventuring in a city is my jam. Reality Refracted: Urban or Rural (link)
Allison04-Feb-19It is important to know that different players have different expectations. (I’ll freely admit that I still haven’t figured it out for a handful of my players) Reality Refracted: Know how your Players have Fun (link)
Dan08-Feb-19Real talk. @katsuhiro @Fandible When will Jack Stallion’s 3 Goblins in a Trenchcoat brand beer hit the market?
Senda08-Feb-19Definitely some solid player advice. 6 and 7 are easily the biggest ones to me.
David11-Feb-19Overly Fastidious Question: If you share something on discord, is it bad form to add a reaction to your own post? Asking for a friend…
Jesus14-Feb-19If you love both D&D Actual Play and Radio Drama, you should be listening to @TheBroadswords #BroadSquad
Billy19-Feb-19My 6-yr old tried to sneak out of the house with a cape tucked up his sleeve. My wife said, “I blame you” I’m okay with this.
Sarah Jordan22-Feb-19It might just be me, but when I switch twitter to night mode on the desktop the blue text hurts my eyes.
Angela22-Feb-19So this was a car dealership infomercial playing when I was out for lunch
Gnome24-Feb-19Things were going so well until lawyers got involved.
Nathan26-Feb-19When I’m in a bad mood I listen to Macho Man Randy Savage’s old wrestling promos because they are ridiculous and just make me happy.
Michael Ross26-Feb-19You can store anything in hammer space
Nemoy26-Feb-19GMs that misuse their authority doesn’t make having roles with authority a bad thing.
Fay01-Mar-19It is so frustrating to have your kids get graded on a four point scale and have a teacher tell that a three is the highest they can give to kids. If it’s impossible, why is there a 4 at all.
Kristin01-Mar-19I watched What We Do In The Shadows over at a friends house last night. It really fit my weird sense of humor. Now I want to see the American version.
Thomas03-Mar-19My son came in and tried to scare me a 5 nights at Freddie mask. I said in disappointment, “Really? Come on. That isn’t even the scariest Freddie.”  I’m nailing this parenting thing.
Carl03-Mar-19Me: I only spend about 43 minutes prepping for my game. Also me: So we are just going to ignore the 4 hours you spent staring into space thinking about the game. Me again: Sorry, what? I was thinking about something…
Kim05-Mar-19People always talk about the weather but I rarely see it get mentioned in games except for raining when someone is sad. Is it weird that one of the first things I think about when planning a session is what is the weather like?
Shaunna06-Mar-19The hidden message behind the Alertness feat is: I don’t want to be surprised. Period. (No not even in that corner case you thought of just now).
Patrick07-Mar-19I just backed Witch+Creft, a 5e Supplement on @Kickstarter (link)
Aser07-Mar-19I don’t think diversity stretch goals are meant to check a box, but it does feel that way. The diversity stretch goals give the impression that diversity is an optional rule.
Wil08-Mar-19Am I the only one that felt like Cha Cha and Hazel were the best part of @UmbrellaAcad
Veronica09-Mar-19When I was a kid, I kept my curtain closed and all the lights out because I thought the darkness gave me an advantage since I knew my house better than any monster (…and/or ninja).
Mike Goldrich09-Mar-19An excellent breakdown of their approach to character creation (link)
Richard14-Mar-19When you say a joke on a podcast and you’re certain no one gets your strange sense of humor and then a listener mentions how funny it was; it’s the best feeling.
Michael Ross17-Mar-19Watched Soul Eater since it’s on Netflix. It went a bit overboard with the fan services initially, but it had the right amount of silly ot serious for m. I liked it aesthetically; the depiction of the Madness was interesting. Unfortunately the end was pretty bad.
Mathias18-Mar-19I went to my primary care physician to have a memory test done. It was a single sheet of paper with questions filled out by a student worker. I got billed $180. Way to make money @DukeHealth
Marie-Claire18-Mar-19I had a disturbing dream last night. I did what any decent person would do — wrote it down with ideas on how to inflict it on my friends in my next game session.
Kyle19-Mar-19I’ve been demonstrating once again how I still don’t know how the Twitters works.
Nemoy22-Mar-19Friday Master of the Flying Guillotine. Black Panther. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Equilibrium
Michael Ross23-Mar-19Just watched mortal engines with my wife. It was better than I expected. Though to be honest, I thought it would be terrible. Felt like a diesel/steampunk version of Star Wars, but with facial scars instead of lost hands.
James26-Mar-19Depressing to read about the part technology is playing in isolating people.
Sarah Jordan28-Mar-19I just backed Welcome to Tikor | The Swordsfall RPG Setting and Art Book on @kickstarter (link)
Robin29-Mar-19Talking over expectations can avoid a lot of frustration and uncertainty. Reality Refracted: Setting the Social Contract. (Link)
Ryan29-Mar-19Had fun playing Lady Blackbird tonigth with my fellow playing @curium247 @MoS_Trix @steamboat77 & @Feverwood. I hope @aser_tolentino doesn’t make us have to do some sort of Illegal Pit Fighting to get the fuel and supplies we need next week. That would be terrible. (Angel smiling emoji)
Dan05-Apr-19He likes games of skill. When no one is around to see him, he spends time writing memoirs he never intends on sharing with anyone because it might undermine his carefully crafted image.
Paige Fossheim05-Apr-19Necessity. Morgan walked into what he believed was a normal Tavern and became ensnared and lost in time with other members of the party. After escaping and finding ourselves in a different time and place he kind of just had to survive in the beginning.
Richard A. Dresden05-Apr-19Neutral Good but tried hard to be Chaotic Neutral – or at least appear that way.
Aaron05-Apr-19At first he didn’t have much going for him other than making enough coin to settle down. After meeting a young girl named Lucy, protecting her became the thing driving him. When he learned she was the queen he foundered her for a while but ultimately protecting her won out.
DeWayne05-Apr-19Morgan was good at meeting people, but because of his past he had difficulty with letting any friendships form. Over the course of the campagin, despite very different opinions, he developed a friendship with Father Martonis, a Radiant Servant of Pelor and human cleric.
Sarah Rhea Werner05-Apr-19Dark leather armor, black pants and boots beneath a red fur-trimmed long caot with hidden pockets. He has a fiery red headwrap scarf, a bandolier of knives and a thick leather sash belted around his waist.
Tess05-Apr-19He’s actually quiet and reserved. He behaves loud and surly because that is the persona that stuck when he first signed on as a corsair to get away from the city of his birth.
Stefanie05-Apr-19He was 33 years of age at the start of the campaign.
Carl05-Apr-19A large man with an unkempt beard in leather armor with hair wrapped beneath a fiery red scarf. He had a scimitar, a short sword and daggers hidden everywhere.
Kristin05-Apr-19Fighter Variant: thug
Staci05-Apr-19Morgan Roberts
David06-Apr-19Archeologists Discorver World’s Oldest Break Up Letter at Neo-Babylonian site (link)
Jesus07-Apr-19The next door neighbor’s kid came by with friends to ask me to give them a ride fo the Carnival. I assumed he was wanting to go with my son, his alleged friend, but he corrected me. He just wanted me to drive him and his friends – my son wasn’t invited. WTF next door neighbor’s kid.
Angela09-Apr-19#dndselfie I’m playing dnd again so that qualifies me for this I suppose. I was one of the lucky fans of @TheBroadswords selected to play in a monthly game. I’m a podcaster on the Actual Play @TRFPodcast that plays systems including Delta Green, Gumshoe, Fate, Cypher System, etc.
Billy09-Apr-19Ha! Thanks. I’ll tell my wife. Shirts like these are her doing and I’m sure she will appreciate the compliment.
Mark13-Apr-19I think I play x-com the way all the people around me play Dragon Age. I spent all this morning color co-ordinating all my troops with their bond mates and using the in-game poster maker.
Aaron15-Apr-19If your dragons aren’t eating properly, you need to make out with someone in front of them to increase their appetite apparently.
Allison15-Apr-19Three of my favorite people talking about their characters 🙂
Paige Ford15-Apr-19Morgan blames a sorceress for his father’s death. He believed magic was the reason he’d been killed by a jealous pasha. After built a new life, he was caught up in a lich’s magic tavern. He feared associating with magic or casters, and that it would doom him, like his father.
Richard A. Dresden23-Apr-19Despite spending the entire morning telling myself it isn’t in the budge, I just backed Fate of Cthulhu on @kickstarter (link)
Velvet24-Apr-19Firve #TRPG characters I’ve played: 1. Goliath Runepriest w/a bolder holy symbol (dnd4e) 2. Microbot Swarm (Fate) 3. Priest of Macrame who’s robe was his spell components (Fate) 4. Human Paradox / head of a marijuana co-op (The Strange). 5. Elf Santascaper (SantaCqrMartians).
Paige Fossheim24-Apr-195 jobs I’ve had: 1. Baby Sitter 2. Summer Camp Counselor 3. Marie-ClaireDonald’s cashier 4. Level 2 Support (IBM) 5. Systems Programmer (NCSU)
Bianca28-Apr-19The Night King fell victim to the Okiedoke. #GoT Em’
Mathias05-May-19US Senator introducing legislation banning loot boxes in games aimed at minors (link to article)
Kyle05-May-19My son said I had a Bowser, Jr. for a heart. I don’t know, this might be the Bowser Jr. talking, but I’m okay with it. Also, you’ll never be able to rescue the Princess! Bwahahahaa
Michael Ross13-May-19That’s amazing. I haven’t made balloon animals since I was a kid but this makes me want to pick it back up. (tweet about an isopod insect balloon animal)
Fay13-May-19Not surprised about how it went down last night, but that was brutal.
Veronica15-May-19This is something that can’t be said enough. Reality Refracted: As Long As It Is Fun For You & Your Group (link to article)
Senda18-May-19I’ve been trying to get a game going of @EvilHatOfficial’s Venture City for Three years. I’m super excited to finally get to play #Fatecore #TTRPG #RPG
Tess21-May-19Seems like Belgium is getting blacklisted by game companies for enforcing their loot box law. (link to article)
Kyle26-May-19Of course this is the weekend the AC dies.
James26-May-19Younger son: (playing in hall) Who wants some Awesome! Me: (Pokes head out of bedroom) I would like some awesome. Older Son: (Walks dramatically into hall) Don’t you have enough awesome? Me: No! Awesome is like Milk: You have to get more awesome or your awesome’ll go bad. (The more you know gif)
Allison29-May-191. John Madden Football 2. Tekken 3 X-Com 4. Final Fantasy Series 5. Heroes of the Storm
Joe29-May-19Flaws vs. Limitations (link to article)
Marie-Claire31-May-19Friend is coming down for my bday. Little does he know that he is going to be a guinea pig for the game I’m running tomorrow.
Kristin03-Jun-19I was having issues with my hearing aid Sunday. I spent most of my lunch smiling and nodding at my friends. Some plans get cancelled so we were able to find a quiet place to continue to talk afterwards. Sometimes, I forget how huge my hearing-aid has been to my quality of life.
Gnome05-Jun-19Wind Fall. A money userer errors in your favor. Collect 200 gp.
Sarah Rhea Werner05-Jun-19My box of cables is old enough to drink this year!
Tessa08-Jun-19I don’t know how anyone who has seen those maps could like about them not being gerrymandered with a straight face. (Link to slate article about gerrymandering)
Stefanie09-Jun-19Figured I’d brush the dust off my Instagram and actually start using it again.
Michael Ross12-Jun-19Last nights on Delta Green: Discovering a Botanical Cult using a dating app to harvest its victims, @curium247 @MoS_Trix and I have to root out cultists that supplanted Police and FBI members, and swipe left on a blood thirsty plant creature to save the day. #DeltaGreen
Richard21-Jun-19I’ve never been more glad for the weekend.
Paige Ford26-Jun-19I’m pretty sure we lost a decent chunk of audio last night to hysterical laughter during our Venture City game. I’ve been wanting to play it for years and it has been well worth the wait. @EvilHatOFficial #ttrpg
Nemoy27-Jun-19Our kids are visiting their grandma and now the house feels eerily quiet this morning. I can hear the birds and bugs outside. I’m so used to all the noise the boys produce that I don’t know what to do with all this quiest. (stressed happy emoji)
Kyle28-Jun-19Hmm… Not sure if I’m watching Jessica Jones or Hello Neighbor
Ryan28-Jun-19So it turns out that my walking shoes were a big part of the problems I have been experiencing with my calf and achilles. Hopefully, with the right pair of shoes, I’ll be back to my regular walking schedule.
Carl01-Jul-19I can’t wait for all the great content coming in September for the 2019 edition of International Podcast Month. I’m especially excited to be chosen as one fo the GMs and for the opportunity to GM for two amazing people & players.
Stefanie13-Jul-19At the T-Rex Races: On your Mark, Get Set, Rawwwwrrr!! (link to the t-rex race)
Staci14-Jul-19Watch Into the Spiderverse again. I’m going to have to start putting it on my calendar so I can schedule around it.
Bianca15-Jul-19Word filters don’t apply to retweets?
Megan22-Jul-19Week vacation and the #ttrpg withdrawal is real.
DeWayne26-Jul-19I had to use my step counter to figure out if I ate lunch today. Apparently, I did not.
Robin03-Aug-19This story made me happy, and makes a great point. To get started with ttrpg the major requirement is the want to create fun and interesting characters & stories.
Mark05-Aug-19Well, I’m extremely lucky. After cleaning, my wife propped my mic stand half on a piece of wood and it was tilted to one side but was somehow balanced by the mic which was unseated and caught up in a ragged t-shirt I use to reduce echo. It’s been like that for over a week (worried face emoji)
Wil05-Aug-19It was an accident, but still never challenging her to Jenga!
Kristin06-Aug-19You know what you did for a Klondike Bar!! (Image of polar bear at your window)
Allison06-Aug-19Happy Birthday @booday!
David12-Aug-19Space. Some of my favourite games and some favorite characters come from here. They range from honor-bound hotshot fighter pilot, Mai Tai, to unstable micro-bot cluster, “Glitch.” (The ladder I intend to mention and share a picture of every #RPGaDay)
Dan12-Aug-19Share. I have been part of an Org. Play group that’s an amalgime of TTRPG, RP chat, adv. Logs and short stories. The sessions are character driven, GM take part in RP chat and the stories are often co-authored. GMs * players (25+ usually) take part in shared story telling.
Kyle12-Aug-19Engage. Going in a different direction. I’m a extrovert (psychic vampire). For better or worse, I’ve learned I engage in ttrpgs as much as the most engaged person at the table. I love playing with engaged people. Conversely I tend to check out if no one else is engaged.
Gnome12-Aug-19First. My first ttrpg experience was Dming AD&D 2e for myself, age 8. I was fair, generous and had no idea what I was doing therefor I let myself play a Troll Cleric named Stump. Stump liked to hunt dinosaurs because dinosaurs were cool (flawed logic detect).
Mathias12-Aug-19Unique. My halforc half-intelligent-chain-whip. The orc was an aging leader shunned for growing weak and the chain whip part of a trove of magic artifacts discarded by a Arch Mage. They merged personas due to their similarities and strong feelings of rejection.
Mark13-Aug-19Examine. Possibly unpopular opinion. I only use perception/notice checks in contested situations. Any other time, I provide all there is to see to PCs. Things might need further investigation with other skills, but only stealthing creatures get perception check.
Fay13-Aug-19Focus. So anyone that has gamed with me knows I’m scatter-brained and can’t remember anything. Fortunately, I don’t become more scatter when I take notes. So, my memory has been subverted by unnecessary amounts of notes. Making my playstyle a well annotated dumpster fire.
Megan13-Aug-19Critical. Hot Take, I don’t like house rules for critical. One of the few familiars I have is this pet peeve. I don’t like home made critical tables are the idea that a skilled master has a 5% failure rate. I can’t be reasoned with here; I suppose I’m critical of criticals.
Angela13-Aug-19Obscure. I’m forgoing 1-pg RPGs and one-shots to talk about Honor+Intrigue It’s everything I wanted from 7th Seas w/o the frustrating mechanics I despise. A 2d6 system with attributes appropriate for sailing the high seas and jobs instead skills which I strongly prefer
Billy13-Aug-19Familiar. I’m not much a pet person, and can count all my familiars on one hand. What I have had a lot of? Symbiotes, haunting ghosts and psychic passengers, and I love them. Nothing says familiar like psychic gaslighting.
Jesus13-Aug-19Ancient. I really don’t have anything for Ancient most of my really old gaming stuff went missing when my family moved south. I suppose talking about moving south as a kid is ancient history.
Tess16-Aug-19I’m Atari 2600 years old.
Paige Fossheim28-Aug-19You know what I love. Being insulted by people I know because where grew up and liking sports. It’s my favourite thing.
Bianca28-Aug-19It looks like TSA finally lowers the Boom on Star Wars Thermal Detonator Coke bottles.
Joe28-Aug-19One. I love to GM one player ttrpgs. You don’t have to make story concessions for multiple players, divvy up spotlight time or sacrifice pacing to maintain turn order. I’ve also developed an appreciation for AP podcasts in this format as well.
Richard A. Dresden28-Aug-19Dream. I have a penchant for the existential and whimsical. Dreams and dream-like states are always a centre piece for my games. They’re great for expressing thoughts and ideas without boring and mundane limits, and that’s really what I want when I think of fantasy
Paige Ford28-Aug-19Door. This is weird, but thanks to bad exp. With Gotcha DMs, I have a slight nagative feelings towards doors. In an unpleasant crawl, the party started to make checklists for doors based on hinges, material, location, etc. I think we got to Procedure F before I left.
Aaron28-Aug-19Guide. The most fun to be had in a #ttrpg is Gming for new players. TO have new players sitting at the table with a real interest is amazing, and if they leave feeling like their interest was rewarded, I’ve done my job. It’s the best feeling.
Senda28-Aug-19Mystery. I’m pretty terrible at both crafting and solving them in RPGs. I always fall for the red herring and believe the people lying to me. I’m straightforward to a fault. I’m probably the poster child for lawful-stupid when it comes to mystery games.
Velvet28-Aug-19Friendship. I’ve met many awesome people through a shared interest in ttrpg, but I’m not a person that can easily flip that switch from a person being an associate to a friend. However I’ve been fortunate to meet people I genuinely consider friends.
James04-Sep-19I’m listening to episode 116 of @sasgeekpodcast and it has been amazing. When it was determined that Love wasn’t getting help because the hiring emails were going to a vacant managers’ email, small part of me died; the rest of me died laughing. (crying happy face emoji, ghost emoji)
Staci05-Sep-19Learned a few things I wasn’t even aware of from @rhiannon42 @writing_alchemy and Mimsy dive into Accessibility in the RPG community #IPM2019 (link to podcast episode)
Marie-Claire07-Sep-19Had the third session of Savage Worlds with my oldest son. It was a lot of fun. At the end of the season his first response was: Woo that was tense but he had fun. We talked about a few of the NPCs introduced this session. It’s awesome seeing him invested in the game.
Tessa07-Sep-19Really difficult choices, but Journey Away is one of my favorites so far. #IPM2019
Dan08-Sep-19I got some cool swag from @curium247 and @aser_tolentino! Thanks so much!
Shaunna10-Sep-19I’m colorblind so I don’t fully appreciate specific shades, but I’d say Kelly green for my favorite football team, The Eagles
Kim10-Sep-19Usually, like 6.5 hours after I go to sleep. Almost, like clockwork.
Thomas10-Sep-19A big orange sweatshirt with purple writing and purple jeans with a puffy starter jacket. And a kelly green Eagles skull cap. (Rest assured, anything that I wore that matching was purely coincidental)
Angela10-Sep-195 skills: Drawing, Writing, Gming, Listening, Programming
Billy10-Sep-19When I was young I thought my name was really boring, but now I really like it. It is unique and I really like how my full initials look in cursive.
Jesus10-Sep-19I didn’t like fried chicken when I was a kid because my grandma didn’t use salt or really any seasoning. My parents didn’t forece me to eat it so I didn’t have to eat it. I didn’t give it another try until my teens. Now, I enjoy my occassional trip to Bojangles.
David10-Sep-19I haven’t gone to many conventions because my anxiety makes it almost impossible for me to travel alone. All the traveling I have done has been with family. Unfortunately the wife isn’t at all interested in TTRPG. Its one of the things I really wish I could get over.
Aser14-Sep-19I had a lot of fun recording this session with two amazing players @writing_alchemy and @EditrixW. Bonus points because I got to play Forthright Open Roleplay. Check out this #IPM2019 #RPG one-shot called: The Case of the Missing Hope
Patrick18-Sep-19Xylaria Polymorpha are very fascinating and really creepy.
Mike Goldrich20-Sep-19I received possibly one of the cool magic items from my GM. It is a hedgespun ear given by an elven princess of the Sky Couter, my mentor. It allows her to whisper secrets in the ear, and grants me the ability to speak to birds and request assistance by singing my request.
Matt20-Sep-19Being that I in NYC being able to talk to birds is amazingly useful for learning people’s secrets. Bonus points because there is a Fae pigeon named Bagel Pigeon which I cannot wait to talk to .
Fay23-Sep-19My attempts to write the last couple of days have been super frustrating. I spent the better part of three days and only have about 1200 words to show for it. The upside is I am pretty happy with the 1200 words I did right.
Sarah Rhea Werner25-Sep-19I am three days late calling my Best Friend since college on his birthday. I’m officially a monster.
Nathan30-Sep-19I talked about Fate with @curium247 and @aser_tolentino which is always a fun, but I probably should stop giving Aser ideas.
Ryan03-Oct-19I’ll be playing Hero High soon. (Teen Drama sad face emoji). Upside is I get to play with a few people I wouldn’t get to game with otherwise. I’ll play any #ttrpg for friends. … but I won’t play that.. (I had to! Sorry..? Crying while laughing emoji)
Veronica10-Oct-19I’ve accepted that when my mom visits I’m watching romance movies with her. So, I think this is a reasonable list of my demands (link to netflix article)
Joe11-Oct-19This offers a few mature and a less than mature approach to removing a player from a group (link to lifehacker article)
Mark19-Oct-19Streamed Fate last night, will play a Mouseguard Halloween game later today, and then recording a Cypher System AP tonight. Hopefully I have enough Juice left for tomorrow’s outing with the boys and the Savage World game for my eldest.
Richard20-Oct-19The Mouseguard game was so much fun. I played a Insectrist apiarsist. With a bee named Terry and made friends along the way, an emotional support dung beetled named Juice. We help Lord Edward, a mouse with a Gothic style manor on the edge of a cliff, and saved Ravensfield.
Dan23-Oct-19I’ve been hiding my keys so my wife doesn’t notice that I duct taped one onto my key-chain instead of getting replacement from the locksmith’s. Despite the fact I drive passed on every day. I’ve chosen to live a lie instead of taking 20min to replace it. #adultingandstuff
David25-Oct-19Tag yourself I’m SASSIN’ BOI (I’ve fortunately learned to temper the behaviour in my old age; sometimes)
Jesus27-Oct-19Thanks to strong leadership, quick wit, tactical awareness and unique ability to put teammates in positions of success (completely not narcissistic) Colonel Zhaan, @engrpe, @curium247, @MoS_Trix, performed another smooth as silk recon of the Imperial Rebel prison on Sontar 4
Richard A. Dresden28-Oct-19Niboks’ Mace of Valor. Okar, first off, Nibok is not a pious magic smith, but has more than reasonable prices. This mace inspires people into a frenzy protecting them from fear. It also flares up and creates a 10′ banner advertisement for Nibok.
Aaron28-Oct-19There aren’t any monsters specifically. I’ve run most of the monsters I’m interested in. There are a bunch I would like to use in a different setting where they aren’t necessarily monsters.
Paige Ford28-Oct-19Denden was a powerful fey that was corrupted by the Far Realm. His followers had found a way to help him escape banishment by the archmage. Dendan’s corrupt songs weakened victims’ wills and those within his aura danced the unsafety dance, to death.
Carl28-Oct-19Vault of the Dracolich. It was a battle interactive but also the only dungeon delve that didn’t feel like a chore for me.
Stefanie28-Oct-19I have cameo’ed a character, but it is because they fit the story not to make a big deal out of it. I constantly have to deal with people machine gunning memes that I don’t get and I don’t want to do that to other people.
Nathan28-Oct-19Anamaria and the nameless Al Hillah. Al Hillah’s Merchant Arcade appeared at any port in the Siren’s Call docked, offering stories and useful items for favors. When she was dying in El Dorado, he appeared and offered her one final deal for the story of the vampire queen.
Marie-Claire28-Oct-19Cerah. She was a 1-off character meant to give the PC a quest. The PC convinced this 0-lvl commoner to help fight goblins and from that moment on she rolled 18-20s for the better part of 6 years. She was fiery, an extrovert, wrote chapbooks and… occassionally shipped allies.
Tess28-Oct-19The Ogre “Bacon” talked with a thick southern accent like streotypical waitress at a diner except they called people Bacon instead of Honey or Sweetie. They were not the best talker, but they enjoyed having conversations with people.
Tessa28-Oct-19The Phoenix, Heh, They were obsessed with rebirth and guardian of a miniature city of an extinct people. They took their duty as guardian of the city seriously, but wanted to lose because their re-birthday “gift” meant shiny new feathers and being free from their obligations.
Angela28-Oct-19Ever since I played the game IA wolf among us I have really wanted to do a game set in that world. Alternatively I would love to run a campaign in the setting for x-com 2 where players are regular citizens.
Billy28-Oct-19I sort of like encounters that are a blend two. I get super bored with straight combat. However, a combat situation with a social or exploration goal that is in opposition to the simplistic goal of killing everything can make a fight entertaining.
James29-Oct-19Gary. Gary was hired to rescue a lady held by House Lyrandar after her botched Heist. Gary convinced an informant to join the heist, sucker punched out a mage and got in a magic-shoot out with guards. Their “successful” escape from the facility rendered Gary unconscious.
Paige Fossheim29-Oct-19Alexander Jaeger, leader of a group of german mercenary that outmaneuvered the PC taking the PCs pirate ship leaving them in their scuttled ship. I expected the PCs to fight, instead, they convinced him to help them escape Newport and then pressganged them into the crew.
Ryan29-Oct-1917) I’m an Amiable Killer GM. From modules, a dozen or so in the Encounters program, three TPKs during the early part of the DNDNext playtest, and one in a MUD session. I’ve had a few deaths/TPKO when I homebrew; there were story complications prepared to spare PCs from death.
Sarah Jordan29-Oct-19I enjoy playing martial characters so I enjoy running games for those types of characters.
DeWayne31-Oct-19The last few weeks I’ve felt a little guilty for not having the twitter app on my phone. I’ve so many DMs recently with questions waiting for me when I finally get around to manually check. However, not guilty enough to actually reinstalling though.
Thomas07-Nov-19Just finished watching Daybreak. It was far better than I thoguht it would be going in. I enjoyed every episode. There were a lot of interesting little details that really made the show for me.
Aser12-Nov-19Looks like Disney hasn’t given up on trying to erase the fact Han Shot First
Shaunna12-Nov-19I hope you’re spending as much time eating bugs as you are playing with those fangs, pal. Now where did my wife hide those cookies.”
Velvet12-Nov-19That moment when you go to answer a question about Disney, realize all your favourite characters are villains… and it makes you laugh. Oh does it make you laugh. Mwahahahahahaa! (cough) I mean, I feel really terrible about it.
Kim12-Nov-19The Firefly RPG is very poorly organized. The term Step Back appears 164 times int eh game book, but isn’t in Basic Gameplay Section; its defined in a sidebar in the TV Episode Guide. I suppose I’m happy it was defined at all considering other game books I’ve read recently
Patrick18-Nov-19Lawful Good.  Saying I’m LG for anything makes me sad.
Robin21-Nov-19I have to have a hard conversation with the kids about how Mommy bought Dallas cowboys batteries and that they absolutely cannot use them on my XBOX!
Mike Goldrich28-Nov-19Happy Thanksgiving!
Kyle03-Dec-19Since I didn’t game last night, I spent part of the evening plotting against my players for a Blades in the Dark game in the works.