Waterdeep Beach – Part 2

A kraken has been sighted off the shores of Waterdeep and Morty’s Devils need to join the lifeguard team on beautiful white sands of the Waterdeep beaches in the hopes of keeping the populace safe.


@selkiedreams as Benediction the seductive tiefling sorcerer

@notanothernate as Faunna the wildling tiefling druid

@robin_schadel as Morgana the intellectual tiefling artificer

And as always

@taverntalesdm as the Dungeon Master

This episode is a parody of the 1989 movie “Panic at Malibu Pier” Baywatch Pilot written by Michael Berk and Douglas Schwarts, revised and re-imagined for Dungeons and Dragons 5e by Kyle Gould

Find out more at www.taverntales.ca/mortysdevils Our theme song is Let the Night Fall by Dragonette.  You can find this song and Dragonette’s discology on iTunes, or follow them on twitter @dragonette

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