Tavern Tales Family – Episode 2 – The Necromancer’s Plight

Welcome to Tavern Tales Family Edition, our December special starring Marie-Claire as our Dungeon Master in the Dragonborn adventures “The Order of the D.” We hope you are enjoying the continued adventures of Flaria Dragonia, the blue dragonborn monk and harpist along with her cousin, Thayan the white dragonborn cleric of Bahamut, the grizzled green dragonborn Fighter, Koste and no one’s friend, Benson the red dragonborn sorceror of gold dragon heritage.

The group has left Redlarch and is on their way to Waterdeep with a container on behalf of a friend. These are the three sessions of Tavern Tales Family that took place in September and October of 2017.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Starring: The Goulds

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