Special Announcement

Special Announcement here regarding a really special event that is happening the entire month of September. My good friend Tess of www.rpgcasts.com and the wonderful podcast I am: Hear has brought together a plenitude of podcasts and podcasters to mix and mingle and bring you over 30 one shot actual plays and audio dramas created just for this event. There’s Star Wars. There’s D&D. There’s even a White Wolf: Aberrant game run by your favorite DM, Kyle.

Every day there will be new content, sometimes multiple times that day. You’re going to find something you love. And you’re going to find something new to love. Trust me. It’s been one of the highlight experiences we’ve had in podcasting to date.

Subscribe to IPM (International Podcasts Month) through the I am: Hear podcast and check all of the happenings out at www.internationalpodcastmonth.com

Check it out and let us know what you thought on twitter. Shout to me, or all about it with #IPM2018

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