The Beacon – You don’t have to do this. You could probably have a safe, decent, simple life. It’d be nice, but… come on. Superpowers! Aliens! Wizards! Time Travel! You’re out of your depth, but who cares? This is awesome. Everybody should try it.

The Brain – You’ve always been the smartest kid in the room. Your inventions are world-class, your tactical plans are flawless, and your mind is a steel-trap memory palace of extraordinary ideas. If only the others knew how sometimes, none of that seems to matter. None of that keeps the shadows at bay. None of that can make up for what you did… or might do.

The Bull – You’re big, strong and tough. You know what fighting really is, and you’re good at it. Sure… you’ve got a soft side, too. But you only show that to the people you care about most. Everybody else? They can eat your fist.

The Delinquent – You’ve got these cool powers. But everyone keeps telling you how to use ’em. You know what they need? Someone to give them trouble, to make sure they don’t always get their way. And hey! You’re the perfect hero to do it.

The Doomed – Something about your powers dooms you. It’s just a matter of time before your doom comes for you. Until then, though… you’ve got a nemesis who needs fighting and a world that needs saving. After all, it’s better to burn out than fade away…

The Harbinger – You’re from the future, and you know how things turn out. You came back with a mission – to make sure that history changes for the better. But things are scrambled. Your memories, not quite right. You’re not sure how this present becomes your future. So until you can figure it out, you might as well do what good you can, where you can, all the while trying to connect the dots between your world and this one.

The Innocent – Time travel is great! Or so you thought, until you landed in a strange new world, with a dark, broken damaged, dangerous, adult version of yourself! Not what you had wanted to become. Question is, what are you going to do about it?

The Janus – Wake up. Breakfast. School. Work. Homework. Sleep. Repeat. It burns you up, being stuck in this life, unable to make a real difference. That is… until you put on the mask. And then, you can be someone else: a hero.

The Joined – You’d be nothing without them – your partner, your sibling, your friend, your rival, your other half. You’re tied to their powers and to them, through and through. The rest of the world only ever sees you two as halves of a whole – not as two separate people. And the two of you aren’t sure if they’re right.

The Legacy – You’re the latest in a storied heroic lineage, a family that shares a name and a cause. Now, everybody is watching and waiting to see if you’ve got what it takes to uphold that tradition. No pressure, right?

The Newborn – You’re a brand new being, created through scientific inquiry, feat of engineering, or random chance. This world is all new to you, full of wonder and adventure. It’s not easy, though – everyone has an opinion about who you are and what you should do. It’s time to find out for yourself who you really are.

The Nomad – Maybe one time you had a home. A life with a schedule. But if you did, that was ages ago. You’ve been on your own, bouncing around space, time and everything in between, for years. Except now, you’ve left those farscapes and come back to Earth. And letting other people into your life is way harder than traveling to other dimensions ever was.

The Nova – You’re a font of power. Channel it, and you can remake the world into exactly what you want. Unleash it, and you can do miracles

The Outsider – You’re not from here. Your home is an amazing place, full of beauty and wonder. But there’s something to this place, something special that you’re missing back home. Something… human. So yeah, you’ll be hanging around. At least for now.

The Protege – You proved yourself to an experienced hero. They think you’ve got what it takes. They’ve been training you for a while, and now you have to decide… do you want to be them? Or will you find your own path?

The Reformed – Villainy used to be a way of life for you. Then you saw just what your selfishness and hate created. The supervillain life is a hard one to quit. But you know this best: sometimes the villain needs saving too.

The Scion – You’re the child – not an acolyte, not a creation, just the friggin’ kid – of a true villain. And when anyone knows looks at you, all they can see is your parent. Like you don’t even matter. Well, forget that. You’re out to prove yourself as someone different from them, and how better to do that than to be a superhero?

The Soldier – You’re an agent of something greater than you – a real force fighting to make the world a better place. Through them, you stand for something important. You just hope that, when push comes to shove, you stand for the right thing.

The Star – Being a hero isn’t just about doing right. It’s about being seen doing right. Let them think you’re shallow for loving the spotlight and the cameras, for making speeches, for smiling so much. You’ll be a hero in all the ways that matter.

The Transformed – You can recall a time not too long ago when you looked… normal. When you didn’t feel their stares. When you didn’t hear their gasps. When no one thought of you as a monster. Those were the days, huh?