It’s time everyone. Here it is. Our celebrated adventure that we started recording January of 2020 and managed to play a bunch before the pandemic got in the way. So I’m overjoyed to kick off for 2021 a whole new adventure for a whole new group of adventurers. Welcome back Robin, Wil and Savannah and then we have Malcolm for a bit before they make way for Garry.

Humblewood, by the Deck of Many, is a great supplement for 5e where you play forest dwelling animals and our players have jumped right into the opportunity to play a delightful assortment of birds. We are playing through the written adventure and I have to admit, things get a lot more serious and relevant to today than I expected that they would. And so I’m delighted to release for your enjoyment… Tavern Tales Junior, Humblewood Edition.

I thank my players every day for sitting down at the table with me and letting me tell them a story. Thanks to you, too, for listening along with us.

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