Gilbert Doorfried – Part 1

Kip’s parents, famed archeologists have been hired by a theatre company to solve a problem with their cast and crew turning to stone.  Believing foul play is afoot Morty’s Devils are brought in to save the day.


@robin_schadel as Morgana the intellectual tiefling artificer

@notanothernate as Faunna the wildling tiefling druid

@hansctweets as Zhou the brutal tiefling fighter

And as always

@taverntalesdm as the Dungeon Master

This episode is a parody of the 2001 episode of Relic Hunter written by Marin Brossollet and revised and re-imagined for Dungeons and Dragons 5e by @kwiksotic

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Our theme song is Let the Night Fall by Dragonette.  You can find this song and Dragonette’s discology on iTunes, or follow them on twitter @dragonette

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