The Sunless Citadel – The Conclusion

This is the 22nd and concluded episode of the first adventure from The Tales from the Yawning Portal.

The Silver and Stapes circus arrived into the town of Oakhurst and while out passing out flyers and getting supplies, the Ringmaster’s 5 children, The Silverkins, discovered adventure not long out of town. Twig Blights, goblins and a mystery in a newly exposed sunken cathedral, the Sunless Citadel, drew them together and inspired them to set out and make a name for themselves.

They bested goblins, kobolds, traps galore and an undying troll. They made promises to Kobold Queens and rescued and then destroyed a baby white dragon. They lost two of their siblings along the way and killed the hobgoblin leader of the Durbuluk tribe after sitting with him to tea. They killed baby fire snakes and helped a Bugbear and his wife move on to greener pastures and towards the prospect of a child. And now, with the thick smoke roiling up into the cavern roof above them they move towards the evil Druid Belak. As one, these remaining three Silverkins, with Erky Timbers the gnome besotted with love for Yasheria, now attempt to solve the mystery at the heart, of the Sunless Citadel.

This concludes the first adventure in the Wizard’s of the Coast’s Fifth Edition Dungeon and Dragon’s Campaign Module “Tales from the Yawning Portal”

If you’ve enjoyed this adventure, stick around as we have a whole lot more book to cover as we move on to the next adventure with a few new players.

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Starring: Paige Fossheim, Aaron Infusino, Marie-Claire Gould and Kyle Gould

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