Benediction is a bit of a misnomer. Named after the evening’s closing prayers of the cathedral she was born in, Benediction chooses to believe that her name lends itself far better to charming those who are near her into spilling their secrets to her with their shuddering final reverent breaths. Bennie, as she is known to her friends prefers to dress in a manner that would not impede her movement, nor leave little to the imagination, she prefers to travel light, carrying only what she needs, the only constant, is a deep emerald gem at her throat, a gift she claims, but will not say from whom. Benediction is happy to use her lithe figure, golden eyes, cloven hooves and pierced tail to enhance her magics designed to charm, manipulate, and enchant. After all, the chase is the most thrilling part of the hunt.


Tessa is a director at and a stream player for their streaming shows. Tessa can be reached on twitter @selkiedreams