Descent into Underdark

Welcome to the first episode of Tavern Tales Junior. Recorded in the summer of 2017, Tavern Tales Junior has been released every four weeks on Tavern Tales until today. Today, Tavern Tales Junior takes it’s first step into the realm of it’s own podcast channel, separate from Tavern Tales itself.

Come along as we hear of the adventures of the Knights of the Lord’s Own of Fairhaven as they attempt to do the right thing in and along the Sword Coast of Faerun. Listen in as this stalwart band of adventurers becomes a little family of their own as Robin plays Sasha, the cyan Tabaxi Wizard strives to learn what leadership means. Join the adventure as Alex plays K’ryc T’ufr, the Dark Elf Rogue/Thief who learns and works through what is honorable and what isn’t. Hear how Savannah plays DJay, the purple Dragonborn Fighter who becomes a champion and learns about sacrifice, and secrets and laugh along with Wil as he plays the elder human Eldritch Knight Flash Fla Goldendragon whose story is perhaps the most sentimental of all.

I’m Kyle and I’m the editor, dungeon master and producer of Tavern Tales Junior. I never thought I’d be leading a group of 5-12 year olds through their first forays into Dungeons and Dragons, but I couldn’t be happier that it has turned out as it has.

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But more than anything… Thanks for listening.

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