Masks, Introducing “The Rookies” – XP

This is our final character introduction for our Masks: A New Generation season of Tavern Tales.

Paige is one of the players who was there the first day we talked about doing a podcast. She said “only if this makes me famous” instead of yes. So, while we are almost 4 years into this and we are definitely not famous by any stretch of the imagination, Paige is still excited to show up each and every game day. Paige’s first character ever was Orianna Silverkin followed by Eldeth Stonehammer. Now, Paige is stepping into a role she’s never played before, that of the Newborn XP, or Experiment 742.

XP was found by the group on their first adventure together and bonded right away with all of them as their family. XP has a caretaker in Jeb the Janitor at the High School who helps XP figure out all of the rules that being alive is all about, and the group as well influences XP and the lessons they need to learn.

Will XP learn the right lessons? Will XP make the right choices based on those lessons? That’s what we’ll find out over the course of our adventure.

Starring: Paige Fossheim, and Kyle Gould

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Our intro, and outro music is the song, Tavern Tales by the Bad Billy Band. Find out more about the Bad Billy Band on iTunes or on their website,, or follow them on twitter @badbillyband.

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