Masks, Introducing “The Rookies” – The Purple Haze

This is our fourth character introduction for our Masks: A New Generation season of Tavern Tales.

Allison is one of my favourite players. She’s always willing to jump into a scene and she loves to hear the stories of everyone around her. You’ll remember Allison’s voice from Fogrim Stonehammer, the dwarven barbarian and recently as the pterofolk Pennsylvania Jones.

Now Allison steps into the poor, out of time George Grady, otherwise known as The Purple Haze. George is from the 60s and has somehow come forward into the future only to be confronted with his past self, The General, who, for all intents and purposes is a villain in the modern age. Can our Innocent George find a way through his own story to change his fate, or is he destined to become a villain? Follow along with us as we find out together in this adventure.

Starring: Allison Fernandes, and Kyle Gould

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Our intro, and outro music is the song, Tavern Tales by the Bad Billy Band. Find out more about the Bad Billy Band on iTunes or on their website,, or follow them on twitter @badbillyband.

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