Episode 023

Welcome to the first episode of the first session of The Forge of Fury; the second adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign from Wizards of the Coast.
Join the Stonehammer clan as they seek to reclaim their lost heritage from, and some vengeance against, the orcs of the Stone Tooth… but first, they have to get there

Episode 024

Melusine has been laid out by her good cousin, Foggy. And now we get to Blasingdell proper, for a proper kick in the pants for Foggy. Join the rest of the Stonehammer clan as they all try to figure out where to go, and what to do next.

Episode 025

What is there to do in Blasingdell for 5 Stonehammers, two of which are doubtlessly still supposed to be hung up at the cross-roads?

Episode 026

Is it really that good an idea to tromp through the woods late at night in the frontier just outside of Blasingdell? Or does that sort of thing create round burdens for everyone to haul around? Listen as Melusine waxes on about the benefits of pine and enjoy Oskar finding unique things to put in his mouth.

Episode 027

So now the Stonehammers have an injured gnomish child, and 4 (or is it 5) owlbear eggs to deal with. Thankfully the Numblefoot farm is upon them. But it looks like the gnomes need some help before lunch can be served.

Episode 028

What is this black egg all about? Pjorven may know, but is the group willing to ask? But more importantly… what happened to the dungeon! Isn’t this supposed to be the Forge of Fury? How did we get sidetracked at a gnomish mushroom farm of all places? Here’s to hoping that adventure is forthcoming… instead of “eggventure”

Episode 29

Gnomes have been helped and directions have been given as our little band of cousins look towards the Stone Tooth and try to figure out which way they’re going to get in there.

Episode 30

And now… finally… let’s get to the dungeon itself as we… oh, nope, looks like… well, wait. I guess you’ll find out

Episode 31

The Stonehammers have slumbered on the peak of the Stone Tooth and suffered the consequences of spending a night outside in the elements. They’ve descended the shaft of the Finger of Smoke as we set the scene upon the sixth session of the Forge of Fury. Yup, ten hours in and we finally got into the adventure proper.