Episode Zero

Hi there and welcome to Tavern Tales, an ongoing weekly released table top roleplaying game podcast. You have reached episode zero and I’d like to just take a moment to guide you through what Tavern Tales is and what we’re doing.  With over 200 episodes, perhaps some guidance would be in order.

Tavern Tales started in the summer of 2017 with a bunch of friends. Wizards of the Coast had released The Tales from the Yawning Portal and I had come up with this idea of running each dungeon as it’s own story with it’s own characters. The players would then get to do the whole dungeon as one group of characters and move on to the next dungeon with an entirely new group of characters. Eventually they would even be able to bring a former character into a future dungeon and we could do some hilarious mixing and matching.  Things changed a bit overtime.

Our first adventure is The Sunless Citadel and while it has been remastered for your listening pleasure, it is pretty rough; in the edit, the content and I am sad to say, our mic etiquette.  We were all learning as we went and sometimes those lessons were a bit hard to learn. The Sunless Citadel is a 22 episode adventure featuring Paige Fossheim, Aaron Infusino, Marie-Claire Gould, Julianna and Sidney.

Episode 1: Entering the Sunless Citadel

The second adventure in The Tales From the Yawning Portal is The Forge of Fury, and is a massive 44 episode arch that is one of my favourites of all time. The tale of the Stonehammers as they re-forge familial bonds and re-take their birthright at the behest of Durgeddin the Black, the progenitor of their line. Starting on July 4, 2018 with The Forge of Fury – Introducing the Stonehammers we are pleased to feature Marie-Claire Gould as Melusine Stonehammer, the Dwarven Bard, Aaron Infusino as Oskar Stonehammer the Dwarven rogue, Chelsea Friesen as Tessakar Stonehammer the Dwarven warlock, Allison Fernandes as Fogrim Stonehammer, the Dwarven Barbarian and Paige Fossheim as Eldeth Stonehammer, the Dwarven Paladin.  The Forge of Fury ended on July 17, 2019.

Episode 1: Introducing the Stonehammers

The third adventure in the Tales from the Yawning Portal is The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan starring Aaron Infusino as Texas Walker, the shaddarkai ranger, Allison Fernandes as Pennsylvania “Penny” Jones, the Pterofolk Bard, Paige Fossheim as Alabama Johnson, the Aasimar cleric, Chelsea Friesen as Maryland Jane, the air genasi rogue and Marie-Claire Gould as Florida Mann, the human paladin. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan began on October 9, 2019 and is projected to end sometime in March of 2020.

Episode 1: We Begin in a Bar

Along the way we were gifted the first few adventures of the monthly subscription box, The Dungeon in a Box and did several ‘side adventures’ which were released between the main dungeons. We have had many players grace the tables as we ran The Caravan of Peril twice starting on April 4, 2018. The Caravan of Peril was an 11 game arch that was actually 2 different groups that started in the same place, ended in the same place but didn’t know they were both connected until the very end.  We followed that up with the release of Streets Unseen, module 2, on July 24, 2019 which ran for 11 episodes ending on October 2, 2019.

Dungeon in a Box: The Caravan of Peril 1

Dungeon in a Box: Streets Unseen 1

To further complicate things, because what’s an actual play podcast without needless complication? Is that every December we shut down Tavern Tales and present Tavern Tales Family.  Four Decembers in a row we have instead presented Marie-Claire, myself, Robin and Wil and our adventures roleplaying as a family.  We started with our dungeons and Dragons game The Order of the D as run by Marie-Claire, which then segued into a Robin run game that we didn’t spend much time publishing before last year we presented a few different roleplayings games, Chimera from Ryan Boelter and then Cypher System from Rich Dresden. We brought back the order of the d this year with guest DMs and are looking to do something similar going forward.

It is a delight to present Tavern Tales to you and give you a bit of a roadmap as we move forward with our adventures. If you’re finding The Sunless Citadel to not be overmuch your cup of tea, try The Forge of Fury as a great starting point for while The Sunless Citadel remains a beloved gem of an experience for me, well, we didn’t really know what we were doing then.

Thank you so much for listening. We don’t get a lot of reviews of Tavern Tales, even though I know there are a lot of listens out there. So thank you so much for everything. I’d be remiss to not mention our patreon. It’s a different sort of request as a patreon, after all I don’t do this for the money. Tavern Tales remains a joy for me to do and listen to and that all I’ll ever need.  But it is nice to get to know the listeners out there, so please take a moment and check out the patreon at www.patreon.com/tavern_tales

That’s it from me. Check out the show notes for specific links to the episodes I’ve mentioned.  And what’s the conclusion of an episode zero without a hint that starting around march of 2020 we’re going to do something completely different and mess up the metrics all over again.

All the best, and now… on to the show.

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