Dungeon in a Box – Streets Unseen – An Angry Mob

Welcome to a very special Tavern Tales Presents, a curated actual play 5e Dungeons and Dragons game set in the world of the monthly subscription service, Dungeon in a Box. This is the fifth episode of the second released subscription – “Streets Unseen”.

An urchin has been protected by Ekemon and the group, but the guards are on the lookout for the entire group now, AND their “gnomish wizards” so… I guess it’s rapier shopping time.

Starring: Paige Fossheim, Aaron Infusino, Marie-Claire Gould, Chelsea Friesen, Allison and Kyle Gould

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Dungeon in a Box is a monthly subscription service where subscribers receive every month a boxed adventure that has more than enough entertainment and excitement for a weekly Dungeons and Dragon’s Fantasy Gaming session for the entire month.

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As always, thanks for listening.

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