Bonus: The Power of Friendship

Starting in 2022 and releasing only to our Patreon I am pleased to offer to you Tavern Tales Presents: The Power of Friendship. This is a labour of love that began in March of 2020 with three friends from twitter who’d not yet known they were all good friends. The Power of Friendship will release monthly to patreon subscribers at every level with the intent that we will use the monies generated to pay our audio engineer (Kristina), our musical producer and music artist (Christopher), and our transcriber (DeWayne).

The Power of Friendship is a full audio experience with immersive sound and music in a fully edited and curated actual play.

Starring: Kyle Gould, Kristina Manente, Christopher and DeWayne Feenstra.

Our intro and outro music is the specially produced Power of Friendship, written by Kyle Gould and Allie Nasr, recorded, produced and performed by MissThis. Check out their music on Spotify or join their patreon as well.

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