The Sunless Citadel – Skeletons about to get ‘rept?’


This is the 8th episode of the first adventure in the Tales from the Yawning Portal.

With Orianna off looking for Torin the remaining three in the party have pushed forward into the territory of the goblins getting themselves into no end of trouble. They’ve explored a now defunct fountain that provided them with an elixir of fire breath and decided to breach the door of a locked, trapped and no doubt dangerous room. And now that they have done so will they manage to survive before their siblings return? Or will Orianna and Torin come back to corpses?

Starring: Marie-Claire Gould, Aaron Infusino, Julianna Rees, and Kyle Gould.

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Our intro, and outro music is the song, Tavern Tales by the Bad Billy Band. Find out more about the Bad Billy Band on iTunes or on their website,, or follow them on twitter @badbillyband.

As always, thanks for listening.

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