Episode 10 – Sydork’s Luggage

Goblins in the Sunless Citadel! Will Torin have a chance to converse with them or will Sydork and the rest of the party visit death upon them all? Who are the goblins working for? Are they actually working for anyone? These are the continued adventures of the Silverkin Family as we continue on within session 8 in the Sunless Citadel, the first dungeon adventure in Tales From the Yawning Portal.

Starring: Sydney Kirsch, Paige Fossheim, Marie-Claire Gould, Aaron Infusino, Julianna Rees, and Kyle Gould.
Note – This is Sydney’s last game with us. We have loved and appreciated having her in the game for as long as she was able to commit to it. Thanks, Sydney!

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